String Quartet (duration: +/-23 mins)

His first string quartet won the "Lili Boulanger Composition Award" in 1974.

Miniatures (duration: +/- 10 mins)

Miniatures are four small pieces for flute, guitar, violin, cello, two sopranos and two baritones. These two compositions (Miniatures and Seasons- see below) were composed by Sermet for the entrance examination to Messiaen's composition class. (Premiered in Paris)

Seasons (duration: +/-10 mins)

Trio for clarinet in b flat doubling base clarinet in b flat, celesta and piano. (Premiered in Paris)

Homage to Patrick Villecourt (duration: +1- 13 mins)

Work for Oboe (solo), flute doubling piccolo, english horn, clarinet in b-flat doubling bass clarinet in b-flat, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, bells, tam-tam, bass drum, triangle, timpani, guitar, harpsichord. (Composed in 1993-94, not premiered)

Reminiscence I "camlica yolunda"(duration: +/- 8 mins)

Work composed on a very famous Turkish traditional song, called "On the way of camlica" for ney (solo), flute, oboe, clarinet in b flat doubling bass clarinet in b flat, violin, viola, cello, piano 4 hands, bass drum, drum, marimba. (Composed in 1997 premiered in France, Emperi Festival)

Dream and Nightmare (duration: +/-12 mins)

Orchestral work commissioned by Tokyo Symphony Orchestra: for full symphony orchestra. (Composed in 2004 premiered in Istanbul)

Sculptures I (duration: +/- 12 mins)

Work commissioned by İş Bank (İş Sanat Concert Hall in Istanbul) for two pianos (8 hands), celesta, vibraphone, marimba 5 octaves, bells, timpani, triangle, drum, bass clarinet in b flat, contrabassoon. (Composed in 2006 premiered in Istanbul)

Reminiscences II "Az kaldi bayram ola"(duration: +/- 11 mins)

Work composed on a Turkish folk song, for two pianos (8 hands), harpsichord and percussion instruments. (Composed in 2009, premiered in 2012 in Istanbul)

Sculptures II (duration: +/- 15 mins)

Work for orchestra, two pianos and choir. (Composed in 2011, not premiered)